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they are causing in an environment where money increasing the. u.s. central command releases new images that provide further evidence iran was behind last week's attacks on the oil in the gulf of oman. tensions in the region are rising iran declares it will further rollback its compliance with the landmark 2015 nuclear deal if steps are not taken within the next 10 days to shield it from the effects of u.s. sanctions. a report about alleged u.s. cyber attacks on russia's power grid raises questions about whether donald trump is being briefed by his intelligence services on their operation. 2 sisters in saudi arabia pleaded to the international community for asylum after reportedly suffering
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years of abuse at the hands of their parents in the kingdom they join a growing number of women looking for a way out of the gulf monarchies. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our national i'm john thomas certainly glad you're with us or the pentagon has announced it is sending 1000 additional troops to the middle east citing the hostile iranian behavior in the region earlier on monday u.s. central command released new images purportedly showing iran removing an unexploded mine from a tanker that was attacked last thursday in the gulf of oman and takes a closer look. the u.s. navy has released photos of the incident that took place thursday in the gulf of oman just off the shores of the islamic republic of iran the incident happened and we now have these photos from the united states navy and these photos are in full
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color and they purport to show the same as what earlier black and white footage released by the pentagon also showed they intend to show a centrally we see in the image a speedboat approaching the ship and removing an unexploded limp in mine now this matches the earlier footage and according to the pentagon this shows that iran must be responsible for the attack because they say that the iranian speedboat was on the scene fast enough and removed the unexploded limpet mine with such precision that therefore that proves that somehow iran must have been responsible for the attack this is what we've heard from u.s. officials iran is responsible for the attack based on video evidence and the resources and proficiency needed to quickly remove the unexploded limpid mine the pentagon took the very unusual step of identifying the aircraft that actually took this footage apparently these are still from footage taken from a m h 60 our
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surveillance helicopter that was flying above the scene and apparently imagery at lower altitude drones were involved we have p. 8 maritime patrol craft also involved in the surveillance so essentially on thursday june 13th about 40 kilometers or 25 miles off the coast of iran we have this attack taking place roughly at dawn the 1st ship that was hit was a norwegian craft the other craft that was hit was a japanese own petrochemical tanker and apparently the craft from norway that was hit was can to it was carrying a flammable hydrocarbon mixture that it was traveling between the united arab emirates and taiwan and the japanese craft that was hit was apparently hit twice in . 3 hours now the united states has said based on its photographs and video that iran is responsible for the incident however jobs a reef the foreign minister of the islamic republic of iran says the opposite he
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says that iran is not responsible for this attack and did not carry it out and he cited the fact that iran was 1st on the scene to rescue the sailors and take them to receive medical treatment and he has alleged that it is possibly the enemies of iran in the region that are responsible for the attack in an attempt to derail negotiations that are starting to take place as iran works to preserve its nuclear deal. for more on this let's cross live to our. who is the director of international center for human rights thanks for being with us here on our 2 international. interesting story of how this is all going to be playing out how would you comment on these latest accusations against iran i mean is there any proof that the pictures actually show iranians. well yeah. pretty clear and it's conference that u.s. intelligence that it's iran that attacked a tank areas and now the u.s.
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government still conclusion to send out missional it wasn't her sunni area it's because the iran iranian regime our. x. . are in this conflict there and they're more for it to congress to send a message to. us and his allies i mean are you saying iran has influence enough in the area has the power to control that area and i don't think that. any other country. was able to do this with a pure mishin of the iranian regime in that region so i don't want to jump to the conclusion that quickly because i don't know the military experience but i would say that it's most likely that it's iran acting anchors now you bring up a good point you said that the pentagon is indeed sending bolstering its forces
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a 1000 more troops to the region. you also mentioned iran's power in the region do you think that this incident is being used as a pretext to increase u.s. presence in the middle east. well you use government doesn't already enough excuse to you know how. heavy military presence in their area because the iranian regime is in fact it threat to not only its u.s. interests to. erupt and countries interests in the area only around is exploiting its ideology to the area and so protein terrorism operationally supported in his moral law and the syrian opposition are a set of government and there also are some pretty and shia groups in iraq so far it has enough reason to have their havey a presence in the area and other than that it's it's been just
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a while ago that they have they told genser that iran is planning to attack u.s. interests in the area so. hypothetically i mean we can't really get into reasons because we don't know we're not the decision makers but why would iran attack japanese and norwegian own ships i mean iran has a pretty good relation with both of those countries right. all right well obviously iran has a wonderful. relationship it is your only interest it argument. and they also have a very good relationship with nourishing government so there is no reason obviously but i will say it's a smart move from your any enriching to attack japanese and no vision and i'm curious then. u.s. interests are is really interest because if the goal directly engaging in any kind
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of attack with the u.s. that will damage the interests of the rishonim immediately and they don't want to go to bat a consulate immediately because this is just a message to the u.s. government and its allies especially the forces in the reaching that have the power to interfere in. their act against iran attack and they want to control the. it all. now. if it is interesting that japan and norway are being used as proxies on some level but why is the u.s. taking the lead on this why is the u.s. claiming that this is an attack on them shouldn't japan and norway be the countries pressing claims against iran if a sense of their property. well it's well it's just it's been just a while it's not a it's not
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a long time you're never not maybe be the one to take ashes or claims against iranian government but it is this this is a message to u.s. government not the japanese government is a clear message to go to truck to travel administration and michael who just went to tampa in florida to talk to top commanders. to consider their actions and they are even considering military options and the iranian government denying the fact that they it is a tax and they have no direct interfere there is in this tax this is what they say obviously iran has the. power of controlling the gulf and the cme and also really have a proxy groups. militia groups in the area so they're just trying to send a message to u.s. government and their allies that they want to state again is in the area and
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they want to in that you want to be the u.s. government and the military presence in the area to take actions again as them and cool to why we really should regard because part of their emotional guard of iran once some kind of attack to really incite. are to share. that is interesting to hear your thoughts director of international center for human rights and for being with us here on our 2 international and. playing with iran amid the rising tensions in of the region iran has announced it will soon boost production of lowlevel enrich uranium surpassing the start by a limits set by the 2015 nuclear accord. time on june the 27th we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit and reached uranium allows
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under the nuclear deal after that we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically it white house representative has responded to that statement by claiming tehran is blackmailing the international community and calling for increased pressure on iran my colleague you know neil was joined earlier by to discuss where the latest developments leave the nuclear agreement. deal is falling apart so it is pretty much as big as it gets because iran is giving a final warning in 10 days they will start enriching uranium beyond the limits set by the deal and i'm not talking just a civilian sort of levels they could easily reach those levels of enrichment that would constitute a weapons grade level of enrichment and which could lead to iran obtaining a nuclear weapon and i mean iran is saying that it is a tit for tat measure they're saying that if the united states that they had dropped out of the deal a year ago last year. this whole year iran has been very patient but they're saying
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well if one side is not you know not following the deal then why should they. relations between the u.s. and russia have been on this dying words spiral i think it's safe to say for quite some time but it did come in the renewed focus didn't it this month totally i mean just last week 2 were attacked in the go there were explosions basically in the gulf of oman and the united states for instance they were very very quick to pin the blame on iran for doing so and some middle eastern allies they jumped on that bargain as well have a listen we are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence which is our mission so you say a full range of options does that include a military response force. sometimes even obvious things must be. and try and does it in his current firm stance against iran's aggression in the gulf of amman in the persian gulf as well as in the region in general rein in regime did not respect the
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japanese prime minister's visit to iran it replied to the foot by talking to one of which was japanese one thing all those clips we just saw have in common they're all u.s. allies what about other global reaction what's europe saying oh well interesting thing about that video is that those are pretty much the only u.s. allies that are with was. you know on this whole thing of pointing the finger of blame at iran and saying yeah tehran had something to do with it when it comes to europe they're not as a trust not as trusting i should say as saudi arabia and israel. we call upon sober assessments and wait for some credible evidence to be presented which it is it's ridiculous to cite secret data in this case. in the last days we have called for the maximum restraint the world cannot afford another crisis especially in an area like that 1st of all we need to investigate who is responsible for the
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attacks so we can say this or that country was responsible without providing any evidence run by the way they said that if they indeed wanted to have something going on in the gulf of oman if they wanted to block trade to block this trade route they wouldn't have needed a diversion to do so they would have done it openly saying yeah we're blocking it they're saying that in military is strong enough to do it out in the open you know a play by the rules so we can clearly see that there are a lot of there's a lot of distrust when it comes to washington's claims and there are not many people are on board and some inside the u.s. government blaming for ceding this distrust the problem is that we are struggling even in the midst of this solid evidence to persuade our allies to join us in any kind of a response and it shows just how isolated the united states has become so what does
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seem that trump has backed himself into a corner somewhat he has been so vehement in this stance in the election campaign the iran is bad tehran. nest of evil the cradle of evil now europe doesn't doesn't want this happening europe doesn't it is not engaging in this sort of rhetoric i mean people inside the u.s. government people in washington. not on board they are blaming trump for that and so really trump has quite a lot in front of him quite a lot to do if he wants his policy to succeed we heard from political analyst in commentator. who believes america has proven it is no longer a reliable partner. there is no fairness in the discussion that america wants and everyone needs to understand that america is the one been through gleacher the c.p.o. 8 america is the one who said we reject this mr trump came along very soon after of
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course at the behest under the persuasion of the hawks like bolton pump a lot of course mr netanyahu trump you know it is his wisdom so we say decided that this deal was not a good deal and he was going to walk away from it without any real excuse and now you know they have put draconian sanctions on iran for quite some time now even one of the c.p.o. it was around the sanctions were not completely removed you know sort of sanctions were removed by america but a new sense of unilateral sanctions were added by america at the time to see you know it was signed so the whole thing was somewhat fossil unfortunately. there's a question mark hanging over washington is donald trump being kept out of the loop on aspects of foreign policy that idea has been suggested by new york times article on cyber warfare which claims that u.s. hackers attacked russia's power grid and is r.t. . comments whatever actually happened it appears to be
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a no win situation for everyone. one of the big stories of the weekend america is in the midst of a real cyber war on russia's energy grid at least as the new york times puts it they say a number of current and former u.s. officials told them an american computer code had been deployed inside the grid the grid of the biggest country on this planet was it russian hackers we kept hearing about all the time make no mistake the u.s. government has plenty of cyber warriors at their disposal within hours of the story circulating the tromp twitter rant big. again an act of treason that's how he called the n.y.t. piece and after the usual metaphorical flushing of the paper down the toilet the president called the report a lie but the new york times is adamant there saying you are wrong mr president
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accusing the press of treason is dangerous we described the article to the government before publication of the story notes president trump own national security officials said there were no concerns so we've been left guessing if the massive hack actually ever took place that's a tough one but lot of our putin's press secretary doesn't rule out this could have been the case. in this president trump as far as i know denies the information about cyber attacks on russia if indeed some agents are doing it without informing the president then this indicates a hypothetical cyber war with russia because we have previously sent then our strategic and essentially konami spears have been on the cyber attacks from growing many times and our agencies are countering these attacks you know to prevent any harm to our economy russia has consistently tried to initiate international coalition to find any type of cyber crime unfortunately our american partners have never taken a stop on this option to do so this time in the past to mr pascoe has fallen short
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of blaming washington for the attacks but they've been out there and there's no doubt some kind of cyber war is on again the new york times was citing government officials without naming them though and so the question is who the hell is making decisions about this potentially enormous operation if the president is really unaware of the whole thing by the way not that long ago the american media was going nuts about russian hackers allegedly trying to screw up the u.s. power system some feared a true disaster was being plotted by the russians what are they saying this time around it's very clear. that president isn't even asking to be briefed on the most pressing issues facing our country intelligence officials are not comfortable sharing intelligence information with the president of the united states apparently pentagon and military officials who are taking the series actions against russia
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without briefing the president in full see how no one's using the word how are kurds when it's not america that's being hacked anyway this could really prove to be a great mass or another dirty game but with both scenarios in the story be it the president knows or the president doesn't rock bottom moscow d.c. ties won't get any better. to saudi sisters describing themselves as refugees have had their twitter account suspended after using the platform to ask the international community for help the pair who say they have been subjected to stained abuse at the hands of their father used one of their videos to plead for asylum abroad my father took a live and. he is looking for. trace. so own rights and give the nations into only activities to help us move to a safe country. shortly after the suspensions twitter reinstated the sisters'
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accounts and as well as that of a human rights activist who had been supporting them the social media giant has not offered any comment on its actions in line with company policy 2 girls have been detailing on the site how their parents allegedly abused them physically and verbally sometimes even causing injuries that warranted medical attention they are now in turkey having escaped while on a family holiday their human rights advocate roger sterling says social media played a crucial role in helping the girls get their story heard. it's very important so anyone who's potentially at risk to publish their case it's going to help them find asylum releasing other instances we girls have just waited too long to get their story out there and that's allowed the family to track them down and essentially take them back to saudi against their will we need to be using social media more often it's revolution what allies the way that we can deal with human rights
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situations like this but at the same time it's hugely risky because when we see accounts being suspended by choice we have to question them and what their protocols are to protect people who are at risk in this situation obviously they need to install more safeguards for situations. in case of the sisters is not you loopy there it is estimated that around $1000.00 women attempted to flee saudi arabia each year one recent high profile case was that of noon who tried to flee to australia through thailand after barricading herself in a hotel room she launched a twitter campaign and was eventually granted asylum in canada a saudi diplomat later joked that denying her access to technology might have been more effective than taking her passport. when she arrived in new twitter account and her followers grew to 45000 in one scene it would have been better if they'd confiscated her mobile phone instead of her passport another challenge faced by
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girls fleeing the kingdom is a new government created smartphone app can be used for monday in things like renewing passports and paying parking fines but also allows male family members to track female relatives and even prevent them from traveling rather sterling again believes that as the number of such cases rises everything must be done to give oppressed women a voice. over the past year we've seen cases such as secular ringback teeter we've seen around half mohammad done we've seen hints from the u.a.e. and we're seeing more and more and i think that as as each case is quite public and in fact moneths case was published and broadcast inside saudi arabia is a step in itself to sort of promoting those more secular secular belief system and the fact that it was since it is quite surprising and therefore that it's going to inspire more and more girls who are suffering abuse to really try to escape in and risk their lives to secure the kind of freedom from abuse that of course everybody
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wants i mean often these women would like to report the kind of abuse they have suffered to also receives within the country as to the u.a.e. authorities to saudi but they're not taken seriously and in fact it can lead to the increase in mental punishment or even did by way of homage killing. egypt's 1st democratically elected president collapsed during a court session in cairo on monday and died shortly afterwards of a suspected heart attack local media reports that mohamed morsi who led the country from 2012 to 2013 was fending trial over espionage claims artie's policy here has more. morsi was the 1st democratically elected president of egypt he was also the 1st civilian to hold the highest office in that country but that brief of one comported experiment in democracy saw him serving only 14 years of what was supposed to have been his term of office he was overthrown back in 2013 by general abdel fattah el-sisi who is currently the president of egypt it all dates back to
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the egyptian revolution of the 25th of january 2011 and all sounds and some nights a 1000000 people coming to tahrir square in downtown cairo i was there at the time and i remember talking to particularly young people who expressed the hope that the country was going to go through radical change also remember covering protests that were muslim brotherhood demonstrations at the time and they were quite suspicious of foreign journalists there was a lot of clamp down on the media and you had for example who were seen as being a mouthpiece of the muslim brotherhood who initially had quite a lot of freedom and then had the officers raided so it was a particularly tense time to actually be reporting in egypt the other sense i got was that there had been a nude that history was being made and then eventually you had mubarak overthrown by what we need to told me was a dictator that was even worse because he came from the muslim brotherhood movement
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maybe in egypt god as a terrorist organization essentially and they knew route to the military coup so many egyptians feeling that this revolution of these had actually not achieved much and had gone full circle so it was a time when you had an atmosphere of electric change when dissipating of change was going to happen in egypt and then in actual fact not so long late not so long afterwards people feeling that very little had changed now as far as morsi who did not last in powerful very long and in june 2013 millions went back to tahrir square and called. him to step down he refused and then a few days later you had the egyptian army that militarily overthrew him and then subsequent to that you have morsi who has been facing charges of espionage he's been accused of colluding with this well and hamas and also he's been accused of killing protesters he has being in prison where his health is be deteriorating for
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quite some time and there were a number of concerns that were being expressed he had the death penalty this was there never to end and now he was facing a retrial. ecuador has granted the united states permission to use one of its fame to go up a go so islands as an airfield but the government in kyoto is facing a backlash for what critics are calling a violation of the country's constitution parties tailored to. the galapagos islands home to the giant tortoises birthplace of darwin's theory of evolution and it'll where you walk to see by the sound of lapping waves and the gentle hum of american planes you know as you know you know i love those i've mentioned that the galapagos for ecuador is our aircraft carrier it is our natural carrier because it is shores us permanent replenishment interception facilities and it is a 1000 kilometers from our coast united states is going to take charge of improving
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conditions especially refueling what has might now find some new star spangled species zipping across the sky because ecuador has just agreed to allow the u.s. military to use the u.s. go world heritage site reports claim the pentagon will now keep planes on the historic sun crystal island for operations in the pacific ocean with the primary purpose said to be fighting drug trafficking so far so good that's just a small catch a minor inconvenience really but ecuador in constitution doesn't allow foreign military bases on its soil but now if it says the defense minister it's not a base pesetas it's a funny little gathering place going to look at the u.s. aircraft meet for periods of no more than a week and is subject to the protocol of the preservation of sovereignty those are my concerns gone also on the plus side washington is covering all the costs but perhaps unsurprisingly not everyone is happy about this latest addition galapagos is not an aircraft carrier for gringo use is an ecuadorian province patrimony of
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humanity patriotic ground that his vessel soul can reach such a level describes very well the government to represent now ecuador and u.s. relations hit a no no under former president rafael correa he i'm going to washington by closing one of the largest u.s. bases outside the state relations father soured one craig granted wiki leaks co-founder today in the sound of. and sheltered him from the long arm of the u.s. justice department for years but things have been on the up recently thanks to lenin morano who's been in power since 2017 it was miranda who decided that a son should outstayed his welcome at the embassy in london we all know the fallout from that the whistle pro was dragged out by the british police slapped with 18 criminal counts by washington now faces extradition to the u.s. and potentially a 175 years behind bars now coincidentally or not at the same time acquittals bank
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account got an almighty boost with a $4200000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. the international monetary fund where the u.s. has huge voting rights we all know friendships about give and take so at the end of the day what's a small national treasure when your allies go deep pockets but as for mailbags headlines in about 30 minutes they would. in a world in which there are the americans that the chinese the indians the russians except for europeans can only really be a player at that global top table.


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